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Smart Helmet
Espresso Machine
“It's incredibly fun to ride”
“It's incredibly fun to ride”
“Like a phone’s than a next-gen fixie”
“One of the smartest ebike”
“The AI-powered co-pilot adds a new level
of intelligence and interactivity”
“Does phone tech better than some phones”
Carbon 1
Sporty and Lightweight
Achieve your fitness goals while enjoying a
fast and sporty ride in style.
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$800 OFF
Carbon 1s
Powerful drive system ensures minimal effort and maximum fun
Or  $116.62/mo
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$0 OFF
Carbon 1
Sporty, light and nimble e-bike for everyday transport, fitness and fun.
Or  $124.95/mo
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Comfort and Elegance
Discover the ease of cycling with the Chord Cruiser's
upright position and ergonomic design.
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$500 OFF
Elegantly zip around town for meet-ups, errands, or Sunday fun.
Or  $83.29/mo
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$500 OFF
Chord X
Easily kickstart your ride for workouts, city cruising, and pure enjoyment.
Or  $83.29/mo
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The Bike with a Mind
An AI-Driven Smartebike, offering you more than riding.
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Sustainability: Ride Greener
Sustainability at the Heart of Urtopia
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Smart App
Connect, track, share, achieve - Urtopia app: Your perfect cycling companion!
Peace of Mind
Enjoy complete peace of mind with our 2-year warranty and 24/7 support, plus full after-sales service.
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Ambass Reviews
Feel the Love From Celebrities and Athletes
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NBA Hall of Fame
Tracy Mcgrady
Classical Crossover Pianist
Maksim Mrvica
2021 Canoeing Olympic Champion
Max Lemke
5x German champion triathlete
Franz Loeschke
Best Jewelers in the World
Ben Baller
Choice Award for Favorite Band
Smash Mouth
3x Italian BMX Champion
Alessandro Barbero
Vice World Champion
Philip Heintz