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Leading newspaper
“Its range and torque are stellar for such a lightweight bike, and the torque sensor aims to make your ride smoother and more efficient.” Read the post
World leader in cycling
“The Urtopia carbon e-bike allows you to have a more efficient and sustainable way of travelling.” Read the post
Leading popular tech site
“Urtopia e-bike is basically a computer on wheels” Read the post
World’s leading technology and web development news site
“Even if it didn’t pack any fancy smart features, I’d argue the Urtopia would be worth its price on the weight and ride quality alone.” Read the post
World’s leading news site focused on information technology
“It’s incredibly fun to ride.” Read the post
The most comprehensive consumer electronics review site.
“You won’t find a bike much lighter with more tech baked in than the Urtopia. ” Read the post
Known worldwide for its lists and top rankings
“It’s a game changer in terms of safety.” Read the post
the most authoritative independent review for ebike
“It’s neat to see an electric bike that’s trying new things and really thinking about safety and sustainability.“ Read the post
One of the largest online technical publications
"The Urtopia feels like something five years ahead of its time." Read the post
Digital trends pioneering media
“This e-bike does phone tech better than some phones” Read the post
International benchmark for technology media
“The Urtopia Carbon E-Bike is a work of art that you can ride” Read the post
Leading online science and technology website
“All in all, I found the Urtopia to be a fun, cool and capable alternative to more traditional commuter ebikes.” Read the post

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Jon Imperial

“I have been wanting to get an e-bike for a while now, and this seems like the perfect e-bike for me. The smart function is killer.”

Area 13

“It’s 37 lbs, lighter than many e-bikes, possibly by half. And the Carbon 1 Pro’s peak power is 748 watts. I am so surprised by this result!”

ebecca Brand

It's an ebike anybody can handle although it's lightweight it's powerful it gets me up a very steep hill.


It’s one of the most sophisticated e-bikes I’ve ever seen. And it’s really easy to use.

Electric Revolution

I’m super impressed with it. The motor reaction time is fantastic. It’s got an awesome range and can climb some steep hills for a long period of time.


The bike is using a torque sensor not a speed sensor so the power delivery is very good very fast and it cuts out straight away too when you don’t need it.


It looks awesome, it is so light, the handling is great and of course the build quality is more than top-notch.


One of the things I like about this bike compared to other ebike is the integrated design. Instead of everything being bolted on, everything’s very sleek and streamlined.

Jacob Dark

One of the biggest highlights of this bike is the fact that it is all carbon fiber you won’t find a single weld spot on this entire body and it is super light and easy to pick up.


It feels good it’s my type of bike i’m sort of a sporty lightweight guy and that’s how i would describe this bike as well.

6 Months Later

It is one of the most technologically advanced bikes I’ve ever encountered.

Now Let’s Review

I really like the minimalness of all the wires and cables, and they hid the battery very well, I really don’t think many people are even going to notice that this is an e-bike.

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Love From Celebrities and Athletes

Urtopia e-bikes are the choice of celebrities and athletes from around the world.

Jennifer Jolly Emmy Award-Winning Tech Journalist
Linus Tech Tips 15.5M Subscriber Youtube
Olaf Hajek German Lengedary Artist
Tracy MacGrady NBA Hall of Fame
Smash Mouth Choice Award for Favorite Band
Maksim Mrvica The world’s fastest pianists
Ben Baller Best Jewelers in the World
Franz Loeschke 5x German champion triathlete
Philip Heintz Vice world champion European champion
Norris Frederick Member of Team USA. 3x Indoor U.S Bronze Medal.
Alessandro Barbero BMX rider, 3x Italian champion
DiAndre Campbell DiAndre Campbell
Max Lemke 2021 Canoeing Olympic Champion
Jerry Tachoir Berklee grad Grammy-nominated jazz artist
Chris McCormack Legendary Triathlete 2x Ironman World Champion
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What our real customers say

Based on 907 reviews

I wanted to comment on the posts that mention the Carbon 1 Pro would be even better if it had a throttle. Well, it kinda does. If you are in turbo mode, all you need to do is keep the crank turning (at any speed) and you will be propelled.
Absolutely no effort.
That is my 2cents.
🙂. Have a great day everyone.....

Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro
Maria Cintra
Carbon 1 PRO

This past weekend, I completed the STP 2024, a 206-mile ride from Seattle to Portland, riding my Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro. As a loyal customer of Urtopia (I also own a Carbon 1s), I wanted to share with this group the highs and lows of this adventure:
- Battery Life: With an extra battery, I got 108 miles on the first day and nearly 99 miles on the second. The maximum range per battery was 77 miles, riding mostly with support levels 1 or 2.
- Configurable Assistance: The ability to fine-tune the assistance level was crucial. Increasing the assistance slightly to 55% on level 2 helped tackle the steepest climbs.
- My Accessories: I fitted my bike with my Brooks saddle, Shimano pedals, Ergonomic handlebar grips and a new suspension seat post. It made a significant positive impact. Lots of comfort and no pain.
- Stock Accessories: The kickstand fell off within the first 20 miles. I have no idea how it happened.
- Pedals: The original pedals were of poor quality and broke a few days before the ride, necessitating replacement.
- Fenders: The pre-installed rear fenders scratched the tire and eventually broke.
Overall, I'm still a fan of Urtopia. However, to become the perfect bike, Urtopia really needs to improve the quality of its stock accessories or let us select better ones during the checkout process.

Love this bday gift!!!

April 16 was the anniversary of my birth. On that morning my wife sent me to the garage to get her things in the car and what to my surprise was sitting in the garage covered in wrapping paper? Best Birthday gift ever. I've already put like 360 miles on it and I am loving it.

Good stuff

Very nice bikes. We love our 2 bikes!

Recommended bike

I received the bike on June 12 and I have not ridden it far enough to really say. But it is very nice to go for a short ride and the pedal assist is fantastic.

Nice, solid rack. It looks great too.

I'm pleased with the luggage rack. My panniers hang on it perfectly and the beefy construction makes it look great on the bike.

Carbon 1s

Great riding weather this morning. It was a great ride.
Downtown Orlando
Distance: 18.46 MI
Workout Time: 01:36 HR
Avg Speed: 11.2MPH
Max Speed: 21.7 MPH
Av Heart Beat: 110 BPM
Elv: 116 FT
CO2 Saved: 3.47 KG
Battery Start: 100%
Battery End: 80%
Pedal Gears: 4-5
Assist Mode: Eco utilized 85% of ride
Terrain and Conditions: Asphalt, brick, and Sidewalks, 80% flat, 20% incline, 79 degrees, wind 5 MPH.

Carbon 1 Pro

Love riding my bike around the lake (CO).

Nice bike!

I have the Urtopia 2 and im liking it X 2 rides a 20 mile and a 13 mile it felt good and I was pleased with the battery power consumption. I was on 0-1 mainly and multiple turbos to get across crossings and checking out the feel for the assist.
Need to check out the hills soon in Mammoth Lakes here i come.

Good quality

Finally goy my Chord X and is really a great e-bike!

Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro
Benjamin L.M.
Great bike

The Carbon 1 Pro arrived yesterday and I'm super happy so far. Definitely need a longer seatpost.

Well made fit fine

I received my most awaited carbon 1 PRO as a birthday gift for myself and it was all that I hoped for.
The size is perfect and the pedal assistance and gears help to climb hills.
Did I mention that I smile when I ride my bike? it would be more perfect if it has a throttle.

Pedal assist is great

So far we love this bike, definitely gets a 5 star though I have not rode it far enough to really say but it is very nice to go for a short ride and the peddle assist is fantastic.

price and quality

Can't believe they have used a Toray Carbon fiber on this bike, this is worth the price.

Very smooth torque sensor

I love how their torque sensor delivers power smoothly, and blends perfectly while pedaling, unlike other bikes pushing you so strong at the beginning (gives me a heart attack at first).

Great bike

My last few rides, I’ve seen a lot of wildlife. I’m loving this bike.

Great deal!

Built-in navigation saved my phone battery

Their smartbar with built in navigation and handlebar feedback is what really got me here. I hated Apple's awful battery that kept me charging it twice everyday.

The navigation function allows me to keep my phone in the bag without worrying to have it dropped or what not. Absolutely loved their design.

it is worth buying

Weight is not bad, it is also lightweight compared to the other ebikes I have they are too heavy. I got the Chord. It actually exceeds my expectations.

The bike is still awesome!

Monday is the anniversary of my first Carbon 1S ride. I am due to ride 28 miles tomorrow, so I know already what my distance will have been for the year: 2380 miles.

For much of that time we were only in the office one day a week. That's increased to up to three days a week, whenever my 1S Pro arrives I'm expecting the yearly rate to be higher.

The 2380 may be wrong by over 200 miles, that I have done in May, but that don't show in the app. It's possible I was at around 2600 for the year.

Carbon 1s

Another camping trip with my Urtopia. Still love it ❤

The weight is perfect!

I love the bike, it is absolutely lightweight.
Heavy? no, It feels exactly like a regular bike, can't believe it still has motors and batteries and everything.

Good stuff and battery life!

I'm so happy with this bike! I did a ton of research and considered buying a more expensive bike and it's perfect for me! I'm 5'7 and 206 lbs. I already put 200 miles on it. Love using it!

Expect the unexpected, I like the performance!

Got the bike for almost 2 months. My Urtopia e-bike Carbon 1 PRO is a dream! It's easy to ride, comfortable, and looks great. Though I've waited because I pre-ordered it in January but it is worth the wait. – highly recommended!

Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro
Wilson Rutherfurd
Definitely worth the risk

Never heard of this brand before getting my first Urtopia ebike, took a month for me to finally decide to take this risk. My family likes to take a daily ride after dinner especially during summer, so weight and range are my top concerns when it comes to decisions. It is a bit pricey and there's no test ride centers close to where I live, but the 2 year warranty and the 1 year connect service made a promise so I went for it. Definitely worth it! Might get a second urtopia ebike for my wife but she is still deciding whether to get a new chordx or refurbished carbon 1s.

Life saving bike

I'm in my 60s and this is definitley a life saver. The adjustable handlebar really helped my shoulder, not to mention weight-light as feather. I love the quick charge, don't have to worry about forgetting to charge my bike the night before. Might get another pro for my wife as well, she got an chord x but kept complaining the reason she can't beat me in our contest is because of she doesn't have a carbon frame.