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Media Reviews from Top Agencies

Leading newspaper
“Its range and torque are stellar for such a lightweight bike, and the torque sensor aims to make your ride smoother and more efficient.” Read the post
World leader in cycling
“The Urtopia carbon e-bike allows you to have a more efficient and sustainable way of travelling.” Read the post
Leading popular tech site
“Urtopia e-bike is basically a computer on wheels” Read the post
World’s leading technology and web development news site
“Even if it didn’t pack any fancy smart features, I’d argue the Urtopia would be worth its price on the weight and ride quality alone.” Read the post
World’s leading news site focused on information technology
“It’s incredibly fun to ride.” Read the post
The most comprehensive consumer electronics review site.
“You won’t find a bike much lighter with more tech baked in than the Urtopia. ” Read the post
Known worldwide for its lists and top rankings
“It’s a game changer in terms of safety.” Read the post
the most authoritative independent review for ebike
“It’s neat to see an electric bike that’s trying new things and really thinking about safety and sustainability.“ Read the post
One of the largest online technical publications
"The Urtopia feels like something five years ahead of its time." Read the post
Digital trends pioneering media
“This e-bike does phone tech better than some phones” Read the post
International benchmark for technology media
“The Urtopia Carbon E-Bike is a work of art that you can ride” Read the post
Leading online science and technology website
“All in all, I found the Urtopia to be a fun, cool and capable alternative to more traditional commuter ebikes.” Read the post

What Professional Reviewers Say

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ebecca Brand

It's an ebike anybody can handle although it's lightweight it's powerful it gets me up a very steep hill.


It’s one of the most sophisticated e-bikes I’ve ever seen. And it’s really easy to use.

Electric Revolution

I’m super impressed with it. The motor reaction time is fantastic. It’s got an awesome range and can climb some steep hills for a long period of time.


The bike is using a torque sensor not a speed sensor so the power delivery is very good very fast and it cuts out straight away too when you don’t need it.


It looks awesome, it is so light, the handling is great and of course the build quality is more than top-notch.


One of the things I like about this bike compared to other ebike is the integrated design. Instead of everything being bolted on, everything’s very sleek and streamlined.

Jacob Dark

One of the biggest highlights of this bike is the fact that it is all carbon fiber you won’t find a single weld spot on this entire body and it is super light and easy to pick up.


It feels good it’s my type of bike i’m sort of a sporty lightweight guy and that’s how i would describe this bike as well.

6 Months Later

It is one of the most technologically advanced bikes I’ve ever encountered.

Now Let’s Review

I really like the minimalness of all the wires and cables, and they hid the battery very well, I really don’t think many people are even going to notice that this is an e-bike.

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Love From Celebrities and Athletes

Urtopia e-bikes are the choice of celebrities and athletes from around the world.

Jennifer Jolly Emmy Award-Winning Tech Journalist
Linus Tech Tips 15.5M Subscriber Youtube
Tracy MacGrady NBA Hall of Fame
Maksim Mrvica The world’s fastest pianists
Ben Baller Best Jewelers in the World
Max Lemke 2021 Canoeing Olympic Champion
Philip Heintz Vice world champion European champion
Franz Loeschke 5x German champion triathlete
Norris Frederick Member of Team USA. 3x Indoor U.S Bronze Medal.
Alessandro Barbero BMX rider, 3x Italian champion
DiAndre Campbell Former Wide Receiver for NFLSF 49ers
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What our real customers say

Based on 819 reviews

I emailed Urtopia because I placed an online order and only received 2 accessories of my 4 items. It had only been 7 days, so didn’t know if it was just a shipping delay or if they forgot my item altogether. I thought I would just shoot an email and ask. Riko responded the same day and provided me with all the tracking numbers.. great response time!

Chord X

Highly recommend the bike, I'm 5'5 ft and due to physical limitations, I haven't ridden a bike for years. Now, I ride every day! My husband is more athletic than me but I am able to keep up with him.
The pedal assist allows us to get a nice workout at our own ability level!
They function well on roads, gravel, and dirt.
I lost my keys and Ding was very responsive and helpful.

Great buy

I ordered the Chord and received it in 6 days. It’s my first Ebike and I love it! We went 17 miles. It’s a beautiful bike. Can’t wait to go riding again. Customer service was really awesome helping me with this order.

Recommended bike

This year, I opted to ride an electric bike. This bicycle was ideal for the journey. Easy to assemble and functioned flawlessly on the trip.
I'm not a very experienced rider, but my Chord bike made this year's journey the most fun in the last six years.
Thanks, Urtopia!

A great Decision!

Urtopia e-bikes is a vibrant company. Owen, their CEO, is a pretty cool person. He cares about his clients and his employees, and he strives to create innovative, dependable, and visually appealing electric bicycles.

Every machine might have problems, as I know as a mechanic, but Urtopia goes above and beyond to assist their customers both pre-sale and aftersale.

I have a Carbon 1s and love it. My bike has more than 1900 miles on it and is still in terrific condition. I'm planning to buy the Carbon 1Pro small size for my wife. Recommended bike!

The customer service was excellent.

I purchased a bike from Urtopia online, but the battery didn’t work and I also needed a replacement. I emailed their customer service and got the new battery after a week. I am very happy with the service they provide.
Thank you so much to Ding and everyone else at Urtopia who helped me out!

I would recommend this bike

I just wanted to give a shoutout to this eBike company because I'm absolutely loving my ebike from them! It's made my outdoor rides pretty impressive and it's got a super comfy ride. Overall, it's been a great addition to my adventures!


I had it for few days now but I'm in love with this Bike!!!!!

well built bike

The bike is a pretty good I’ve only had for 2 weeks but it’s very convenient, it makes riding a bike enjoyable!.

So far it's good

I purchased this bike as a birthday gift for our son and he couldn't be happier!

Chord is a great choice!

I am happy with this bike, I got my E-bike in a short time, less than I expected.
I feared that I would have problems assembling it, but the instructions in the user's manual were helpful; the bike was ready after two hours.

5 Star for the nice e-bike!!!

I was hesitant to purchase this bike at first but I am glad I did it. It came in excellent condition.
I am so excited and was able to spin it for about 15 miles and it rides comfortably.
I never regret pulling the trigger!

Nice bike I am happy with this purchase!

This bike was delivered very well packaged, all parts were packed to avoid damage during shipment and therefore there were no scratches or damage to any of the parts.
The bike was easy to assemble, I used the online video that showed step-by-step assembly.
The bike is well made, I have only ridden it on three occasions and everything works just as I had expected.
The pedal assist assist works great though I haven't had it long enough to give a complete review but so far am very pleased with my purchase.

Great bike and exceptional customer service!

I have been using this bike for months and the rumors of bad customer service for all e-bike companies might be true for most. But I have found Urtopia to be excellent they are helpful, and understanding. I had questions and my problem was solved fast and clear. They take the time to go through the whole process, making sure your issue is resolved.

Perfect commuting bike

First of all I received my ebike on time. I opened it and everything was secure as originally packed. Not a scratch on anything.
It took me like 40 minutes to finish the assembly. I wanted this as a back up mode of transportation. It is very sturdy and weighs around 37-38 lbs.

Most impressive bikes on the market!

The product was received in perfect condition. Not too bad to set up, just follow the instructions.
It runs as expected and charging is not an issue. You can control the battery usage and the bike looks very sporty and very presentable.

Fantastic bike❤️❤️❤️❤️

This is a well made E-bike! Very fun to ride with decent power and good battery life.
Urtopia stands behind its bikes and the customer service I received is top notch!

Great value!

The product arrived very well boxed, all tools necessary to assemble were included.
These bikes are so worth the money, we have rode 120 miles and are good.

Recommended bike!

Just received our Chord and Carbon 1 Pro this week. Installation videos are (mostly) accurate. It would be REALLY great if Urtopia would provide the nifty little 'rear-wheel' holder seen in all the videos.
The cardboard box is not sufficient. By the time I started work on my fourth bike (we have 2 Carbon 1s as well), I knew to start at the back instead of the front... get the kickstand on, etc. Worked great that way.

I LOVE the fit and finish the look of both these new models. The only thing I don't like is the look of the new fenders and their supports (also the hardest part of the assembly IMO).
While not a big fan of the Carbon 1 fenders either... at least these will not flop around! 👍
Now if the weather would just improve so we can hit the road!

Carbon 1 pro is a must to have

Just received the Carbon 1s Pro. Assembled in 40 minutes. It’s gorgeous and performed perfectly on its maiden voyage of 12 miles.

Love it!

I ordered early so received a cream this week!
Only got to take it on a short test ride before the big snow storm. I really like it.

Great bike!

So good. 45 minutes to assemble. 10 minutes to set up. And what a dream to ride. I think I made the right choice for me!

Impressive bike!!!

I received the my Carbon 1 Pro and everything was perfectly fine.
This is a well made E-bike! Very fun to ride with decent power and good battery life.
Urtopia stands behind their bikes and the customer service I received is top notch! I’ll be buying a second bike very shortly!

We love the bike!

We bought two of these over 6months ago. We're having a lot of fun with them so far.
The battery seems to be holding up good I get great mileage when I use pedal assist.

Urtopia e-bike is great!

I bought the bike for my boyfriend and this has been great on my pocket and for him to commute to work.
We live 3 miles from his job and he doesn't drive, Overall we like the bike.
I'm 5'5 @158 lbs and I am planning to buy the small size.