Every year, the world generates a staggering 5.2 billion metric tons of carbon pollution. However, by opting for the Urtopia e-bike, renowned for its eco-friendliness, you have the power to reduce 2832.25 grams of CO2 emissions per 100 km when using the Carbon 1 e-bike model. Join us in pedaling towards a greener future, where you can earn carbon credits and unlock attractive rewards for a sustainable ride.
Redeem Carbon Credits for Gifts
Carbon credits are non-monetary rewards earned through activities like daily cycling and referrals in Urtopia App. These credits can be redeemed for cool products related to Urtopia. We aim to offer users practical and fun items that further showcase the lifestyle Urtopia advocates.
Urtopia Green Ride Milestone
The Urtopians rode a total distance of
1,331,608.88 km
Urtopian’s joint effort is equivalent to planting
8,646 trees
The reduction in CO2 emissions amounted to
37,714,350 grams
Why is Urtopia the
Most Sustainable E-Bike?
Certified by BV (BUREAU VERITAS), a globally recognized top three certifier, our product boasts an impressive sustainability achievement. Materials contribute to 68.38% of the total carbon emissions, with carbon fiber alone accounting for 27.64%. By achieving a remarkably low total carbon footprint of just 276.58 kg CO2, our product surpasses the emissions of numerous ordinary bicycles with aluminum frames. This demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility and sets us apart in the industry.
Mobility Choice
The Urtopia Carbon 1 e-bike is undeniably a champion of sustainability. Its lifecycle emissions surpass those of shared bikes by 1.5x and motorcycles by an impressive 4.5x. Even more remarkable, Urtopia emits only 1/5 of Germany’s transport standard and even less than long-distance trains. By choosing the Urtopia Carbon 1 e-bike, you’re not only experiencing the thrill of riding, but also making a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions and creating a greener future.
Riding 154 km on Urtopia
= Planting 1 Tree
In the context of Germany, every 100 km ridden on the Urtopia e-bike can result in a reduction of 2832.25 grams of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to offsetting the carbon footprint by planting approximately 0.65 trees.
Green Deserves Rewards
Urtopia pioneers in accurately measuring and rewarding green levels, thanks to our cutting-edge technological capabilities. As the first e-bike brand to embrace this initiative, we are dedicated to advancing carbon neutrality through our smart technology and wholeheartedly embracing the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pillars.
Daily Riding
Urtopians can earn 1 carbon point for every 100g of carbon reduced. This is calculated by comparing the carbon emissions from your trip’s electricity consumption to the emissions generated by general travel methods.
CO2 Neutrality Rewards
When the daily rides you take on your e-bike offset more carbon emissions than the production emissions generated by the bike itself, you will be entitled to receive a valuable one-time reward of 10,000 carbon credits.
Referal Rewards
When you make a successful referral that leads to a purchase, both the referrer and the referee will be rewarded with 10,000 Urtopia carbon credits as a one-time bonus.
Carbon Credits in the App
Experience the convenience of tracking your carbon credit points with the Urtopia e-bike. Simply open the app and explore your journey history, from the very first ride to your latest routes.