From Start to Finish and Beyond

The Total Experience of Online Shopping at Urtopia

In today's digital age, online shopping has become an integral part of our lives. It offers convenience, a wide range of options, and the ability to shop from the comfort of our homes. Online shopping has revolutionized the way we acquire products, offering a seamless experience from the moment we start browsing to the post-purchase phase. At Urtopia, our goal is to make your shopping easy, confident, and satisfied.

We know when purchasing online you as a customer will be concerned about the product itself, how it is going to fit you, how the delivery, the warranty, and what to do when encounter a problem. Urtopia is a brand that is with our customers in mind and we have got you covered. In this article, you will get all the above questions and concern answers, and we are also open to hearing your valuable suggestions.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire journey, highlighting the key stages and considerations involved in making your online shopping experience a delight.

The production and product

Every shopping experience relates to the product itself, our e-bike is carefully produced and tested in the factory, and every e-bike has been shipped out will be tested to ensure its functionality and perfect appearance, it will be packed with our 90% pre-assemble method to ensure easy assemble for our customer.

Not only we tested the bike, but we also put the bike through some of the hardest certificates in the world. Like: TUV, CE, UL, etc. not only to pass the law but to give our customers extra peace of mind.

Online shopping experience

In this section, we will run through the process of purchasing one of the amazing products from Urtopia’s official website.

1. Navigating the website

You can find the e-bike detail description and purchase it through the website, on the e-bike page:

You can choose the size style of the bike you wish and build your cart from there. Also, there will be a size guide and spec sheet for you to check out. If you are not sure about which bike suits you, here also have a spec sheet comparison, or simply contact one of our experts to help you out.

2. Engaging with our expert sales team

You can contact one of our experts for help, by clicking the orange "support" button at the bottom right, you can ask about any problem from how to choose your perfect bike to any problem during use. Our expert will answer in every detail and patient.

3. Make sure it is a perfect fit for you

Our bikes have different models and sizes, and we design our e-bike with the ideal use case in mine, although e-bikes are versatile in general when you choose the perfect bike, it can maximize the use of it. Size is also important, it guarantees you have the correct riding position. It can be found in the size guide section of the order page. Simply check with our expert if you are not sure.

4. The Voice of the Consumer

we also respect our customers' feedback and voice, on the order page, you can see we share all of our customer's comments, good or bad. We want you to have a vision about what to expect when purchasing the buy and share their happiness.

5. Test ride

We know test ride is important when comes to e-bike purchasing, and we still working hard to expand our location of the store, in the meantime, you can check out all our test ride locations by the button below. We have experts on location to explain to you every detail of the bike and guide you through your test ride period.

6. Enjoy the peace of mind policy

The policy is also a big concern when comes to purchasing, we provide a two-year limited warranty for every bike, and also a 14-day return policy, to ensure you a worry-free experience, on the other hand, additional insurance is also provided for purchasing if you want an extra layer of security.

7. Build your cart list

It is recommended to purchase all your ideal items in one goal to ensure the fastest processing time and minimum shipping cost. In all our e-bike order pages, there is an accessory section that lists all the accessories available for that specific bike for you to select. Simply select your desired items, then click add to cart, all the items and the bike will be added to the cart at once.

If you add the bike first, no problem, go to our accessories collection page, add all your desired items to the cart then check out together.

8. From Cart to Payment

We use Shopify-one of the biggest e-commerce platforms as our system, and the payment is processed by stripe-one of the biggest payment companies. All the platforms provide a secure payment environment and meet all the law requirements of your local law requirement.

9. Wide range of payment options.

We also working hard to provide you with as many payment methods as possible, except a range of general credit card payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, etc... We also support fast checkout methods like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, and local payment methods like Sofort. We also support Buy Now Pay Later supported by trusted Klarna. To support our customers, we also provided a 0% interest financing subsidy to ease your financial stress.

If you encounter any error at checkout, please contact, and we will guide you through to solve the problem.

10. Shipping and delivery

Once you complete your order, a confirmation email will be sent to you, please carefully review the email to ensure everything is correct.

We normally ship out our product from our local warehouse to ensure the fastest delivery. For our customers to get their hands on their e-bike as early as possible, your accessories and e-bike will be shipped in a separate package and might not arrive at the same time.

When the product is in stock, we will process the order and start shipping in the next 72 business hours. If the product is pre-ordered, the shipping time will be specific on the product order page.

Once the product has been shipped, you will get an email with the tracking number, if you have and problem with the shipping and delivery, please contact us at, and our expert will solve your problem ASAP.

11. Any request about an exiting order

If you want to change your order details, including but not limited to changing items, changing contact details, or canceling, please contact our expert as early as possible. Our expert will guide you through the process depending on the status of your order.

If you are a registered customer on our website, which is not linked to your Urtopia APP account, you can log in to your account and review your orders.

12. Assemble and enjoy the ride

Once you receive the bike, it is time to start the journey. We pack our e-bikes with easy assembly in mind. There is also a riding manual in the packaging to guide you through the process. Also, you can find the assembling tutorial video specific to the model of the e-bike at

If you encounter any problems when assembling the bike, please contact

13. Any question, request or problem

We are always here to help, our online help center is always here for you at

Also, you can contact us at the below email address, we will replay you in 48 business hours
Sales expert team:
Aftersales expert team:

Encounter a problem? No worries!

We get that sometimes not everything is smooth and perfect, on one hand, we are putting everything we can into addressing those problems and optimizing them to prevent them from happening again. If it does happen our comprehensive after-sale service will help you to provide you with the best solution. We provide 24-hour service response, 10+ technical experts, 99% satisfaction rate. So you know we are always standing behind you.

1. Tutorial videos, FAQs and help centre

If you are into solving the problem by yourself, we have provided detailed instructions at troubleshooting videos and most frequently asked questions at for you to explore. The playlist and FAQ will to updated as it goes. Most of the problems can be addressed here, and by adjusting the bike yourself, there is no better way to know your loved e-bike.

2. Email request

Email is the most common way to communicate between customers and the brand, Our expert will always be here and will diagnose and resolve unusual problems, and also guide you step by step to resolve the issue.

Simply send us an email request we will replay you in 48 business hours
Sales expert team:
Aftersales expert team:

Also, you can use the portal in the app to send a request.

3. Zoom call

We know sometime email just not effective enought and you want to get back on the road in no time, when it is necessary we provide video call communicate with our technical team in real time to solve your problem.

To book:

4. Local service center and partner

Finding a bike mechanic that will work on your ebike can be a logistical nightmare. Urtopia is dedicated to deploying authorised service providers throughout the country for satisfactory service and maintenance. We have 2 service centers in the US and Germany, 50+ service partners across the globe, ensure there is always one at your doorstep and spare parts available locally, ships in 3 days.

The total experience of online shopping encompasses multiple stages, we aim to make every stage perfect and make you satisfact as a customer. By prioritizing user-friendly experience, user-friendly interfaces, secure transactions, and transparent communication, Urtopia can ensure a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience. And we are always open to suggestions, our goal is to make you enjoy form day one of contact to using the product and beyond.