The Smartest E-Bike You’ll Never Lose.

Equipped with GPS, an eSIM, and Find My Bike technology, this is the ultimate anti-theft e-bike of the decade.

“In all my 20 years on the job, I’ve never seen a bike recovered like this,” claims a police officer in Las Vegas.

Bikes—especially e-bikes—are very attractive commodities for thieves. In nearly every single theft case reported to the police, the bike is gone for good. Until now.

The smartest e-bike on the block, Urtopia, is finally here to be the bike you never lose. What happens (to your bike) in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas.

Never trust a brand that only promotes their own claims. Look for the ones who have real stories from real customers.

Here are a few customer journeys we know you’ll appreciate.

David, Jeff, and Frank, three Urtopia customers in America, have all experienced the same situation: their e-bikes being stolen. Fortunately, with the help of Urtopia’s anti-theft feature and smart GPS tracking system, David, Jeff, and Frank all recovered their bikes.

Our tracking system continuously monitors the location and movement trajectory of your bike, recording it all in the Urtopia app. This easy-to-use app is exactly how they were able to find and recover their stolen e-bikes.

With Urtopia, Your e-Bike Is Never Truly Lost:
David’s Story.

While the true story above plays out like a Hollywood movie, for David it was a real-life adventure.

On a wonderful family RV trip with two Urtopia e-bikes strapped to the back, David and his family come back from lunch to find their bikes STOLEN.

To most, that would be the end. But not for David. No no. Instead, he tapped right into the Urtopia app to monitor his bike’s movements via the anti-theft GPS tracking function.

After some time, he saw a pattern: whoever had his bike liked to ride it in the suburbs of Las Vegas.

“I am confident I can recover this bike,” says David.

Booking his flight and arriving at 4am, David uses the Urtopia app to see 100% that it’s his bike in the garage of this LV suburban house. Sure enough, it is.

The app connects with your bike via Bluetooth. When he approached the right house, he heard a *ding* from the app stating it has connected to his bike. He continued to use the app, flashing the connected headlights on the bike and sounding the alarm.

With confirmation in hand, David calls the police.

Once police arrived, David finally learned of the adventure his smartest e-bike had been on for the past couple of weeks. The homeowners who had possession the bike had bought it off the street for a measly $400 (definitely a steal).

The police officer was astounded. He had never seen a bike recovered like this in all his years working the field.

Thanks to GPS tracking and anti-theft integration, David got his bike back and is happier than ever. “I would definitely recommend [Urtopia] to my friend and family,” claims David with a smile.

While e-bikes are definitely attractive pieces of equipment for theft, what this particular thief did not realize was just how connected Urtopia is. It’s no ordinary bike, it’s the smartest e-bike on the market.

Sneaky Thieves, Forgetful Homeowners, and a Safety Measure That Saves the Day: Jeff’s Story.

“I forgot to lock the garage door and someone snuck in” and the next thing Jeff knew, his e-bike was stolen. But as we know with Urtopia, it’s the bike you never lose.

Immediately, Jeff contacted Urtopia. From there, our excellent support team guided him to finding his Urtopia smartest e-bike frame number to give the police.

The frame number is also can be found in the Urtopia app.

Because of how police reports work, Jeff needed to find the exact location of his bike before he could file. And that’s exactly what he did with the Urtopia app. Using GPS tracking, Jeff observed the movements of his bike and, after several fruitless attempts, he successfully located his Urtopia just three blocks from a park.

“I drove to the area and saw the bike on the sidewalk,” says Jeff. He then called the police and just 20 minutes later, his bike was right back into his hands. If that’s not anti-theft, then we don’t know what is!

Truly, Urtopia is the bike you never lose.

The Bike You Never Lose. All It Takes Is Some Anti-Theft “Magic”: Frank’s Story.

Frank had a similar experience to Jeff, though thankfully it was less invasive than a home break-in.

While Frank was shopping at Target in Mountain View, CA, some opportunists decided it was a good idea to break his bike lock and steal Frank’s Urtopia. Immediately, Frank called the police and sent an email to our support team to obtain his frame number.

He repeatedly checked the app several times a day using the GPS tracking feature of Find My Bike to do just that. One Friday, the bike’s location data pinged. Jeff, on foot, tracked it down. It was hiding behind some bushes in a park near a group of men sitting on the steps to a local museum.

Upon seeing this, Frank called the police to obtain assistance in apprehending the thief and finally get his smartest e-bike back into his own hands. And that’s exactly what happened.

3 Stories, 3 Satisfied Customers, 3 Cases of Anti-Theft Resolution.

Are you still questioning will you lost your beloved Urtopia? It truly is the bike you never lose. Packed with smart GPS tracking, anti-theft, a full-featured app, and a support team who’s always by your side.

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