World’s First Smart E-Bike with ChatGPT Integration
Urtopia revolutionizes cycling with the world’s first smart ebike featuring integrated ChatGPT for demo voice interaction.
Watch Video
Watch Video
“The AI-powered co-pilot adds a new level of intelligence and interactivity to the already tech-infused e-bikes offered by Urtopia.”
“Urtopia has integrated the AI chatbot with its own voice recognition system, allowing users to speak their queries and get whatever answers they want.”
“Now the company has taken it one step further by becoming the first electric bicycle company to integrate ChatGPT directly into its e-bike.”
“Urtopia Fusion, the dubbed world’s first ChatGPT-integrated e-bike”
“Artificial intelligence will help cyclists manage various aspects of their riding and health.”
“You can, quite literally, ask your bike for directions while talking about quantum physics on the way to your destination.”
AIoT Platform
Ride Greener,
Ride Healthier
More range, accurate data
Our smart IoT system and control algorithm optimize power modes based on user needs, boosting energy efficiency by over 15%. This reduces battery size, cuts weight, and lowers carbon emissions in production. Our torque sensor provides precise riding data, ensuring a seamless, tailored riding experience.
Green deserves rewards
We calculate users’ carbon emission savings and reward them with carbon credits that can be exchanged for fun products, encouraging a greener passion for cycling.
Track Your Rides and Fitness
Journey Captured, Memories Made. Routes, speed, calories burned…all captured.
Integrated with Apple Watch and Strava
Urtopia E-Bike allow syncing Apple Watch for Heart Rate Monitoring on Smartbar in real time. Urtopia App also break data barriers, sync with Apple Health, and share to Strava in just one click!
Never lose it
Movement alarm
Once locked, the onboard alarm monitors movements and alerts you against unauthorized ones.
GPS tracking and fence
Aided by a constant 4G connection, GPS tracking keeps you informed of the e-bike’s position, even in the worst scenario of theft.
Find my bike story
This is the story of David’s Urtopia ebike being stolen during his trip and then recovered, leaving the Las Vegas police officer who assisted him in shock, saying, “In all my 20 years on the job, I’ve never seen a bike recovered like this.”
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All-in Hands
Everything is simpler
Fingerprint unlock
No more hassle worrying about losing another key.
Navigation without cellphone
Bright screen shows navigation clearly under daylight, no more ugly phone holder.
Anti-glare Display
Key information shown large and clear, keep your focus on the road.
Bluetooth music
We know the importance of music, so we built in a bluetooth speaker, you can enjoy your favourite music when riding without carrying an external speaker.
OTA Update
The e-bike always evolving
We offer full control over firmware upgrades for the entire ebike, enabling the optimization and refinement of all its features. You can schedule OTA upgrades at your convenience, ensuring a seamless and secure process with a thorough automated vehicle health check before each update, guaranteeing safety and stability.
More smart and human-centered design
Share your story in App
Share rides, photos, stories with Urtopia community in app.
Game pad Control
Know gaming, know riding. Take full control of your ride.
Customized ringtones
Customizable ringtones, such as horse calls and horn calls. Make the delivery of sound fun!