Form Follows Emotion

—Hartmut Esslinger

Hartmut Esslinger

Legendary Designer
For Apple & Sony

Legendary designer Hartmut Esslinger, renowned for his iconic contributions to Apple and Sony, has brought his expertise to the development of our new e-bike, Fusion. All designs are guided by the principle “form follows emotion,” emphasizing safety, versatile terrains, and user-friendly simplicity. This sets the tone for Fusion.

World’s First
Dual-Battery E-Bike

Extended range of 200 kilometers with a dual-drive 500W motor front and rear. Fusion GT will give you a thrilling sense of speed.

Up to Up to


Up to Up to



Premium carbon
ensures lightweight

Crafting precision with top-tier carbon fiber, Fusion showcases the ultimate beauty of geometric design. Its lightweight nature ensures swift acceleration, effortless uphill rides, and responsive handling, even as an SUV e-bike

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Ultimate Riding Machine

Urtopia Fusion offers four dynamic drive modes catering to your every whim, empowering you to conquer any road challenge. Whether cruising through the city or braving a polar vortex, find your perfect mode and dominate every adventure.

Front Drive Mode
Rear Drive Mode
Dual Drive Mode
Throttle Mode

Smooth Riding Ever

With fat tires, you can conquer all terrains. The 100mm travel air suspension fork ensures comfort on any terrain, providing a powerful and smooth adventure for your ride.

Suspension Fork

100mm Travel

Fat Tire

All Terrians Beast

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Safety First

Safety is the foundation of Fusion. Reflective strips on the bike frame’s front and rear enhance visibility during your night rides. And with projection lights, Each is a turn-indicator that casts a signal on the ground at a click of the rider.

Reflective strips

Projection Light