Why a 4S Dealership Choose Urtopia E-Bike

Partner’s Story – Jörg Kaufmann

Urtopia test ride at Löbau

Welcome to the exciting world of Jörg Kaufmann, where he and his team are on a mission to create an unforgettable customer experience! Get ready to embark on a journey where your car will be pampered and transformed into its absolute best shape. With up to 30 years of expertise and dedication, Jörg and his team go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

Step into the world of Jörg Kaufmann and embrace the fun and positive vibes as they take care of your precious car with passion and commitment. Get ready for an exceptional adventure where your car will shine brighter than ever before!

Urtopia test ride at Löbau
Success stems from the perfect blend of passion and diligent effort.

As a young boy Jörg spent most of his childhood helping his father at the car repair shop. Ever since his father opened his shop in 1977, Jörg was deeply eager to assist in any way possible even before getting ready for school. His dedication to his father’s car repair shop paid off over the years. As he grew older, his skills and knowledge of automobiles expanded, and became an integral part of the business. With his undying passion for cars and iron-willed determination to succeed, Jörg managed to secure partnerships with prestigious car brands such as Ford in 1993, Land Rover in 2002, and Volvo in 2004. Additionally, in a strategic effort to expand his thriving business, he successfully established another car dealership in the vibrant city of Zittau, Germany.

As word spread about the shop’s excellent service and expertise in working with these prestigious brands, more customers began flocking to Jörg’s establishment. With burgeoning demand came the need for expansion. Jörg invested in hiring additional employees and even took on trainees in both the craft and commercial sectors to ensure a skilled workforce for the future.

Today, Autohaus Löbau stands as a successful enterprise with 67 committed employees and 10 passionate trainees. It has gained a reputation for providing top-quality repairs and maintenance services with its own body shop and paint shop.

Urtopia test ride at Löbau
Urtopia and 4s Dealership

Jörg’s journey with Urtopia began when he first stumbled upon our brand on the vast expanse of the internet. He was instantly captivated. Urtopia’s perfect blend of style, impeccable quality, and technical sophistication drew him in. Thus, he was convinced that working together with the brand was the right path.

Moreover, Jörg was impressed with our e-bike’s cutting-edge design that seamlessly aligns with the growing demand for electromobility. He proudly showcases the Carbon 1 on billboards and digital display boards throughout the city, spreading the word about our remarkable e-bike.

Autohaus Löbau found its perfect partner in Urtopia, drawn by the groundbreaking smart features that set Urtopia apart. With its revolutionary voice control, fingerprint unlock, and impressive 4G connectivity, Urtopia offers an unrivaled level of innovation that captivated Jörg Kaufmann. In addition, the synergy between the Urtopia e-bike and SUVs is truly remarkable. Imagine the convenience of effortlessly placing the Urtopia e-bike in your SUV's trunk, granting you access to remote biking trails and the opportunity to embark on breathtaking e-bike tours. It's a seamless fusion of convenience and adventure, ensuring that every journey becomes a remarkable experience.

Furthermore, Jörg elaborated on how Urtopia’s Carbon 1 emerges as the ideal companion for commuters in urban areas dealing with rising traffic congestion. With an impressive charging time of just 2.5 hours and a convenient removable battery, this e-bike empowers riders to venture beyond the city limits and explore new destinations. Jörg emphasized the agile performance of the Carbon 1 making maneuvering through crowded streets feel effortless and enjoyable, almost like child’s play. Its lightweight carbon construction, weighing only 15 kg, ensures easy portability, allowing riders to smoothly switch from biking to utilizing other modes of transportation, like trains or buses.

Come explore the diverse selection of our Urtopia e-bikes available at his dealership, where you're sure to discover your ideal match. Additionally, experience the exhilaration of riding an Urtopia e-bike firsthand by booking a test ride. Don't hesitate any longer - seize the opportunity now!