Urtopia Joins the LEVA-EU

Embracing The Benefits Of Lightweight Electric Vehicle Technology

We are happy to announce Urtopia have now officially excited to share with you that we have recently joined LEVA-EU, the Light Electric Vehicle Association Europe. Which is the only trade association in Europe that works exclusively for light electric vehicles.

The benefits of lightweight electric vehicle technology are numerous and varied, making them an attractive option for those looking to make the switch from the traditional gas-powered vehicle. From increased manoeuvrability to improved efficiency, lightweight electric vehicles offer a host of advantages that can improve your overall experience and safety on the road.

Urtopia is continually working towards improving the safety and efficiency of electric bicycles. The lightweight technology used in their carbon E-bike provides riders with an effortless riding experience and greater control over their ride. It also enhances safety on roads through increased manoeuvrability. Additionally, Urtopia has implemented components such as smartbar and multiple sensors for improved performance.

With a total weight of just 15kg, our carbon E-bike is one of the lightest on the market and offers ultimate mobility, as well as greater control over your ride. All components including the handlebar, frame and seat post are constructed from lightweight carbon fibre for optimal weight control.

Moreover, we are investing heavily in research and development to create further improvements in our products. We also exploring ways to use artificial intelligence to provide riders with real-time information about their biking environment while keeping them safe along their journey. With these advancements, we aim to make e-bikes a reliable mode of transportation that can be used for daily commutes as well as leisurely rides.

Ultimately, we are passionate about creating an optimal biking experience and providing ultra-lightweight electric bicycles that offer superior mobility and performance.

The feedback we have received from our customers confirms how advantageous this lightweight technology is; not only does it provide an effortless riding experience, but also enhances safety on roads through increased manoeuvrability. By joining LEVA-EU, we look forward to providing even better service to our valued customers by continuously innovating within the realm of light electric vehicle technology. We are excited to be part of this organization and contribute towards improving the safety and efficiency of electric bicycles.

As a member of LEVA-EU, we're committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services. By buying from a LEVA-EU member, you can be assured that you're getting high-quality products from a company that is committed to the growth and development of the LEV industry. Being a member of LEVA-EU gives us access to a network of other LEV professionals, which we can leverage to bring new and innovative products to market faster. Also, we have access to a wealth of information, resources, and expertise related to the LEV industry. This helps us stay up-to-date on industry trends and regulations, which in turn benefits our customers.

Shop today from a LEVA-EU member and share the benefits with your friends and family. Urtopia will continue to deliver high quality product and services to ensure our customer can enjoy their riding

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Urtopia Carbon One

Explore the
Urtopia Carbon One

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