Urtopia carbon 1s  vs Vanmoof s5

At Urtopia, we are on a mission to revolutionize the riding experience through innovative technology. Our commitment to bringing people a healthy and enjoyable life is evident in our cutting-edge e-bike, the Urtopia Carbon 1s. 

With its sleek design and a range of advanced features, it stands out as a true icon of green technology. Urtopia’s Smartbar IOT platform integrates multiple sensors for real-time road condition sensing, powered by continuously optimized control algorithms through OTA upgrades. It creates a bike with a mind. Urtopia Carbon 1s sets a new standard of what a smart e-bike should be.

Read on further to know how Urtopia stands above one of our most asked competitor Vanmoof in the chic point, designs, and features.

One of the biggest and obvious different between the two is the frame design, which also lead to the different of usage scenario,with Urtopias streamline design, hardware and software combination, it is perfect for both city commute riding and leisure sport riding. On the other hand, vanmoof’s upright riding position, Bauhaus design makes it only a commuter bike.

Urtopia vs Vanmoof
Urtopia vs Vanmoof

Urtopia Carbon 1s vs Vanmoof S5: Key aspect in detail

Weight of the eBike & Body Material: 

Urtopia Carbon 1s takes the lead in this aspect. It is a remarkable 40% lighter than the Vanmoof S5, making it a true standout in the market. This significant weight advantage can be attributed to the choice of materials used in its construction.

Read to know Why light weight is important. 

Compairing to Vanmoof S5’s aluminum frame, The Urtopia Carbon 1s utilizes carbon fiber, a material known for its exceptional properties. Carbon fiber offers remarkable stiffness and rigidity while remaining incredibly lightweight. This results in enhanced power transfer and responsiveness, allowing riders to experience a more efficient and dynamic ride. Additionally, carbon fiber's natural vibration-damping properties provide a smoother and more comfortable journey, absorbing road imperfections and minimizing fatigue.

Not only does the lightweight nature of the Urtopia Carbon 1s contribute to a more enjoyable riding experience, but it also makes it easier to maneuver and transport. Even when you prefer to rely solely on your human power, Urtopia seamlessly transforms into a regular bike. With the option to turn off the electric assist, you can enjoy the traditional biking experience without any difficulty. In contrast, heavier e-bikes can become incredibly challenging to pedal without assistance. Whether you're navigating through city streets or carrying the e-bike up a flight of stairs, the reduced weight of the Urtopia Carbon 1s ensures effortless handling. With its lightweight carbon fiber construction, the Urtopia Carbon 1s offers a winning combination of performance, durability, and a truly exhilarating ride.

Urtopia vs VanmoofUrtopia vs Vanmoof
Urtopia vs VanmoofUrtopia vs Vanmoof

Power Modes:

Both of the bikes provide 5 riding mods. One of the key advantages of the Urtopia Carbon 1s is its versatile power modes, which provide greater control and adaptability to various riding situations. 

And it is customizable to set each modes to your liking, compare to Vanmoof’s fixed power modes. Unlike the Vanmoof, where power mode adjustments can only be made when stop pedaling, the Urtopia Carbon 1s allows you to change the riding mode anytime.


The Urtopia Carbon 1s features a rear hub motor, providing better control and a smoother riding experience. The placement of the motor in the rear offers improved traction and a more natural feel, delivering a sporty ride. In contrast, the Vanmoof S5 utilizes a front hub motor, which can feel unnatural and less responsive due to its separate drive chain.

Drive chain:

The Urtopia Carbon 1s features a 7-speed Shimano gear, while the Vanmoof S5 has only 3-speed.

The 7-speed Shimano gear offers a wider range of gear selection. Provides a gear ratio range from 1.5 to 4, It means that you get up to 30% more efficiency when riding up slopes, and up to 40% faster speed when pedaling at the same cadence than Vanmoof. The 45Nm motor with gears makes your ride speedier and easier to travel up the hills.

By opting for the 7-speed Shimano gear, the Urtopia Carbon 1s provides a Uphill riding, downhill feeling. Unleash rider's sporty riding style. Conquer uphill challenges and experience thrilling speeds, pushing the boundaries of performance and excitement.

With more gear to choose from, you can choose the perfect gear ration no matter you are tracing speed or climbing height.

Urtopia vs VanmoofUrtopia vs Vanmoof
Urtopia vs VanmoofUrtopia vs Vanmoof

Removable Battery and Quick Charging Time: 

A Full charge takes 2.5 Hrs on Urtopia Carbon 1s but 6.5 Hrs on Vanmoof s5.

With the Urtopia Carbon 1s, you’ll experience quick charging and the convenience of a removable battery. Shorter charging times mean less waiting and more time on the road. The removable battery allows for easy indoor charging, eliminating the need to move the entire bike or find a dedicated charging station. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to charge your e-bike conveniently, ensuring you can spend more time riding and less time waiting.

Urtopia vs Vanmoof— Smart Points

Urtopia vs VanmoofUrtopia vs Vanmoof

Build in display

While Urtopia have a big and clear display right in the center of the smartbar, Vanmoof require user to connect to the phones to have a display. Under direct sunlight, phone screen is neither not bright enough or get reflection while urtopia smartbar display remains crisp clear.

Urtopia’s built-in display on the smartbar offers a convenient and clear view of important information, like: current speedmode, battery level, speed, cadence, power output, trip distance, calories burned, current time and event weather for the next 1 hour. With everything integrated into one central location, Urtopia enhances the riding experience and provides hassle-free access to valuable data. And with the build-in navigation function, navigation information also can display on the display.


Urtopia’s game-pad design control interface offers intuitive and easy-to-use controls, while Vanmoof S5 relies on a two-button interface. With Urtopia, you can enjoy a seamless and user-friendly control experience, eliminating the need for complex button combinations and providing a shorter learning curve.

Even more intuitive, Urtopia featuring voice control, and become the first e-bike that connect to chat GPT, provide nature conversation to process your command and much more. 

Build in Sensors 

Urtopia features over 7 built-in sensors, surpassing the single sensor of Vanmoof S5. With an array of sensors, Urtopia collects comprehensive data about your ride and the surrounding environment, delivering an unparalleled riding experience.

Urtopia vs VanmoofUrtopia vs Vanmoof
Urtopia vs VanmoofUrtopia vs Vanmoof

Bluetooth musicbox

While Urtopia have a big and clear display right in the center of the smartbar, Vanmoof require user to connect to the phones to have a display. Under direct sunlight, phone screen is neither not bright enough or get reflection while urtopia smartbar display remains crisp clear.

OTA (Over-the-Air)

Both bike featureing OTA, stay ahead of the curve with OTA (Over-the-Air) updates. Both Urtopia and Vanmoof offer this cutting-edge feature, allowing riders to easily update and add the latest functionalities to their bikes. Stay connected and enjoy a bike that evolves with you.


Urtopia’s design is out of this world, turning heads wherever you go. The sleek and lightweight carbon fiber body, coupled with the mesmerizing LED dot-matrix display, makes the Urtopia e-bike a true masterpiece of design.

With its unmistakable shine and unique aesthetics, this electronic vehicle stands out from the crowd. Embrace the future of stylish and innovative transportation.


Now, with a limited-time promotion, you can own the Urtopia Carbon 1s e-bike for just $2199.

In comparison, the Vanmoof is priced at $3998, making Urtopia the clear winner in terms of affordability without compromising on features and quality.

Get the best bang for your buck with Urtopia.


In the world of electronic vehicles, Urtopia shines as the ultimate all-in-one e-bike. 

With its promising future smart function development , standout features, innovative design, and superior performance, it surpasses the competition, including Vanmoof, in numerous aspects.

If you’re contemplating between the two, the points mentioned above should undoubtedly guide you towards choosing Urtopia as your preferred e-bike. Experience the future of riding with Urtopia and enjoy a truly remarkable journey.

Urtopia vs VanmoofUrtopia vs Vanmoof

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