Discover City Adventures with Chord - The Smartest City E-Bike!

Say goodbye to your car and say hello to the smartest way to get around, with Chord - the ultimate City E-Bike! With its sleek design, smart functions and robust battery life, it’s no wonder why this revolutionary e-bike is making waves in urban areas. Whether you’re commuting or just enjoying a leisurely cruise through town, Chord has everything you need for an unforgettable ride. With its advanced technology and intelligent features, this City E-Bike will make navigating city streets easier than ever before. Get ready for exceptional performance on every journey – explore the city in style with Chord! And this time we even derived a step through model: Chord X.

Thus, Urtopia presents a turnkey solution to eliminate all your previous e-bike foes. Introducing Chord and Chord X.

Utopia’s Chord bike is the perfect companion for busy city dwellers and outdoor adventurers alike. Expert engineering using lightweight aerospace aluminum plus luxurious liquid forging technology creates a frame that not only looks sleek but has unexpected strength, without adding any extra bulk to your day-to-day life. With an ultra powerful motor supported by 8 gears, you’ll be ready for whatever urban jungle awaits or weekend countryside trips come your way - all while feeling secure thanks to top of the line materials and precision craftsmanship!

Yet every masterpiece needs a soul. Like the intriguing smile of Mona Lisa, it transcends the obvious and infuses deeper meaning to life. Urtopia achieves the spiritual via original design and palpable details, which in turn embody its users’ exceptional philosophy of beauty. 

What aesthetics is that? The harmony between art and tech. The suave curves and simple colors trigger an audience’s association of an artist playing a piano, with the image further amplified by the rich luster of the water-based paint. Only an engineering expert can truly appreciate the amount of work it takes to build a bow-shaped bike frame. The entire curve is unobstructed from the head tube to the chain stay tips, not even by the bottom bracket which is specifically dropped down a few notches!

Why all the fuss? Because your image matters. It’s never a show-off rather than a statement. You may not be rich in life, but you can’t afford to be poor in thoughts. Urtopia spares no efforts in projecting your statement in thoughtful details. The almost impeccable surface furnished by weldless technology, the extenuating rear tip of the top tube reminiscent of a comet tail, and the branching shape of seat stays, chain stays, and even the rear rack that symbolizes tree growth, originating from the brain of the bike, the Smartbar box.

Speaking of smartness, Urtopia has never ceased leveraging IoT tech to enhance your ride. Worried about your expensive e-bike getting stolen even with a hardened U-lock? Fumbling with your phone for direction despite fast and packed traffic? Craving for more connectedness to make your ride safer and more fun? How about stereo music from an onboard speaker and integrated control of your smart helmet from the handlebar…

Touted as the Tesla of E-Bikes, Urtopia has engineered ingenious solutions for its first model Carbon 1/1s. With Chord, they’ve just got better and more. Now in a swappable compact box, the re-designed Smart Bike System aims for easy upgrade and extension, on top of a one-stop package to make the inner geek of you keep wowing. Welcome to the brave new world.

Chord is the modern destrier for today’s urban knights. Beaming with grace and power, this companion knows you and helps you win every battle in your daily conquests and adventures. Does it strike a Chord with you already? Explore all the features now no strings attached.

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