Super-Light Carbon E-bike

The Urtopia full carbon e-bike weighs only 15 kg. Lifting it is as seamless as blinking an eye.

In the present-day transportation dynamics, more people are ignoring their expensive cars to join in the adoption of light carbon e-bikes. This popular choice for lightweight e-bikes is understandable! It’s unlikely for anybody to choose a “heavy burden” for a bike over light, durable ones except such a person is a weightlifter.

One of the exceptional qualities of modern e-bikes is their lightweight. Cruising on a lightweight e-bike makes the experience merrier as it supports seamless lifting when necessary.

In everything in life, there is always one “best” within a given range of good things. Urtopia e-bike is exceptionally unique from other brands in the context of being conveniently super light in weight. A carbon e-bike, Urtopia has meticulously sustained a full-carbon status since inception, which caps its satisfactory attributes through cutting-edge performance.

There is this gale of unspoken demands for convenience among riders when they go for a new e-bike. They hate a heavy bicycle that can easily become a burden when the need to lift them arises. If you have already joined this woke generation of e-bike lovers, you will realize lifting your bike from time to time is inevitable. The need often pops up:

- when you want to bypass a barricade

- when you want to ascend or descend steps

- when you want to swerve in a tight corner

- when taking your precious e-bike through the basement

The Urtopia full carbon e-bike weighs only 15 kg. That’s about the size of an average camera bag. Lifting it is as seamless as blinking an eye.

What are the Factors Responsible for the New Transportation Dynamics?

There are so many factors influencing this new wave of e-bike adoption across the globe. Prominent among them seems to be the increased awareness of the health benefits of riding bicycles routinely. A December 15, 2021 publication by projected an aggregated research on the health benefits of regular bike riding. Among these outlined health benefits are:

- increased muscle strength and flexibility

- decreased stress levels - increased cardiovascular fitness

- improved joint mobility - strengthened bones

- improved posture and coordination

- decreased body fat levels

- prevention or management of disease

Aren’t these awesome benefits?

Well, these are some of the forces driving more and more people towards the contemporary super lightweight, carbon e-bikes. Why the emphasis on lightweight e-bikes, you ask? 

Here are some answers:

Lightweight bicycles are excellent for convenience and smooth riding experience. While being the direct opposite of everything heavy and cumbersome, in this context, this trait also contributes significantly to its durability and value for money.

Also, environmentalists, as well as the rest of us that are environmentally inclined would rather choose not to pollute our dear planet in the course of transporting ourselves. Here, the bicycle alternative is one quick answer that always comes handy.

To fill the existing gap and make up for users’ demands in this industry, Urtopia rose to the occasion with its brand of superlight carbon e-bikes. These are bikes like none other in terms of being conveniently light in weight, durability, which satisfyingly provides more than the needed value for every dime spent.

Urtopia’s vision strongly supports all the outlined health benefits of bicycle riding through the provision of e-bikes that does not only spur on its riders, but is also embedded with features, aiming to balance the spiritual resonance with a maximal physical comfort.

Use Case

For the 47-year old Mia, the adoption of an e-bike was a preemptive approach to keep her from going late for important meeting. As expected, however, her destination didn’t end on the highways. There were many sections of high plastic jersey, and on the other end, pedestrian steps. More than six of these seemingly barriers were to be bypassed or crossed daily before hitting her office. It became a routine! That would’ve been mind-numbing if she had to lift a heavy bike alongside but luckily, Mia cruises on a full carbon Urtopia e-bike, with a weight light enough to make lifting fun. During the weekend, Mia love to biking out door, she can easily but the bike on the back of her SUV so she can go anywhere without range limited.

Wrap Up

It’s certainly distasteful to make the mistake of buying any one of those heavy, obsolete bicycles because whatever benefit it gives you, health wise, might be lost to the burden that comes with such undesirable weight. It’s only wise to always get the best out of available options. Urtopia has just provided a new stretch to the limit, and wisdom requires that we take advantage of that.

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Explore the
Urtopia Carbon One

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