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EZE Ryders Electric Bikes’ Manager Devin Raymond

"People may buy a bike, but they need a lifetime of service."

Said by Devin Raymond, the store manager of EZE Ryders. Located in San Diego, at 4051 Voltaire St - in the heart of Point Loma and Ocean Beach, EZE Ryders consistently receives praises from customers for their exceptional service quality. This is because Devin has his own philosophy when it comes to providing service. He has transformed EZE Ryders into a store that primarily focuses on customer experience and service, especially for e-bikes.

With over a decade of experience in logistics and transportation, Devin has been able to find excellent teammates and establish a reliable supply chain for bike components. This expertise helps him create a seamless operation at EZE Ryders, ensuring that customers receive top-notch service and access to the best parts and accessories for their e-bikes.

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Devin's store philosophy: Building a diverse team and striving for 100% quality service.

Devin, an ardent believer in the power of a diverse team and the pursuit of service perfection, is determined to assemble a group of technicians whose expertise extends far beyond traditional bicycle repairs. His vision encompasses building a team that customers can wholeheartedly rely on to address any bike-related issue that crosses their path. With a primary focus on e-bikes, but also skilled with all mechanical bikes as well, Devin meticulously handpicks experts with backgrounds in mechanical and electrical engineering, each possessing a unique skill set. Some are masters of electronics, while others excel in the art of bike repair. Together, their abilities seamlessly intertwine, effortlessly wielding wrenches with the grace of ballet dancers and diagnosing bike ailments with the precision of seasoned doctors. They are an orchestra of talent, united by their shared love for cycling.

Devin understands that true passion is the cornerstone of exceptional service, particularly in the dynamic realm of customer care. Without a genuine ardor for their craft, achieving service quality at its zenith proves elusive. For him, striving for 100% means pursuing perfection, even knowing it can never be fully attained. Setting the bar at 100% serves as a catalyst for continual growth and improvement, enabling him and his team to identify areas for enhancement and progress.

As a result, challenges such as motor or battery failures are mere trifles to the EZE Ryders crew. Even when confronted with complex issues like smart firmware problems, Devin's reassuring words to concerned customers are simply, "Don't worry." Supported by their expert mechanics, they effortlessly transform regular bikes into e-bike marvels. They have even encountered formidable cases where an e-bike is damaged and the original brand is no longer available. But fear not, for Devin possesses the uncanny ability to resurrect a new, fully functional e-bike for the customer. Thanks to his vast knowledge and access to top-notch components, if your Urtopia e-bike happens to suffer an unfortunate mishap while in the enchanting city of San Diego, you need not fret, for salvation awaits you at EZE Ryders.

With Devin at the helm, EZE Ryders has become more than just a store—it has evolved into a sanctuary for cycling enthusiasts. A place where unparalleled service, unwavering dedication, and a genuine passion for the craft converge. So, whether you seek expert repairs, sought after upgrades, or even the resurrection of a fallen two-wheeled companion, Devin and his team stand ready to weave their magic and breathe new life into your cycling endeavors.

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Urtopia and EZE Ryders: Love at First Sight

When they first lays eyes on the Urtopia Carbon 1, they are mesmerized by its stunning design. As someone who loves taking on new challenges, the Urtopia e-bike embodies innovation for them. In the San Diego market, they sees tremendous potential in Urtopia, as he has grown tired of the repetitive fat-tire, high-powered, and oversized e-bikes that flood the scene. The Carbon 1's compact and lightweight carbon fiber design is a game-changer. It looks like a regular bike at first glance, which is a rarity among e-bike brands. They also believes that excessively powerful motors take away from the true joy of cycling, making it feel more like riding a motorcycle. The perfectly balanced 350W motor of the Carbon 1, along with its lightweight construction, entices riders to pedal and rediscover the sheer delight of cycling. Devin expresses his excitement, saying, "We want something lightweight and easy to pedal, so we can get a great workout while still having the right amount of power when we need it."

Enchanted by the Carbon 1, Devin wastes no time in becoming a distributor for Urtopia. With his store's outstanding reputation for exceptional service and the Carbon 1's innovative design, it quickly becomes a top-selling item. Devin is thrilled with his decision to partner with Urtopia and has complete confidence in his team's technical expertise, assuring customers

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"Bike is a kid's toy, e-bike is a grown-up kid's toy."

Devin's passion for cycling, particularly BMX, has been ingrained in him since childhood. To this day, he retains the spirit of a grown-up kid, perpetually curious and yearning for the sweet taste of freedom. Cycling, for him, encapsulates that profound sense of liberation. He muses, "Bikes are how kids find their freedom, while e-bikes are how adults find theirs." As the years have passed, his love for cycling has endured, and the advent of e-bikes has rekindled his initial adoration for the two-wheeled wonders. 

Presently, Devin commutes to work each day on his e-bike, relishing in the experience that it imparts—a feeling akin to a child joyously learning to ride for the first time. With his trusty e-bike, he ventures forth, fearlessly exploring new trails and embarking on thrilling adventures. Embracing life with open arms, he eagerly embraces new experiences, living by the mantra "my favorite is variety." Through his zest for life and the unbridled enjoyment he derives from it, he gains invaluable insights into what customers truly seek in terms of service and experience. His ultimate goal is to share his boundless love for cycling with others, allowing them to revel in the same enchantment and find their own sense of liberation.

"Life is about having fun, and we are the guys to provide it.”

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Urtopia Carbon One

Explore the
Urtopia Carbon One

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