Event Recap | "I'll convince my dad to buy one!"

In the serene surroundings of Golfclub Issum-Miederhein e.V., the 2024 International Junior Golf Masters unfolded from March 26th to 28th. Young talents showcased their skills on the greens, witnessing the results of their perseverance in training. But golf wasn't the only attraction here. As kids and parents soaked in the excitement of the tournament, they also had the chance to experience Urtopia ebikes on the lush green fairways. As the official sponsor, Urtopia offered test rides of its latest models, Fusion and Carbon 1 Pro, during the eight matches.

The young athletes warming up for the competition were quickly drawn to the distinctive design of Urtopia ebikes. For many of them, it was their first encounter with an ebike, and the test ride experience was akin to learning to ride a bike all over again. The combination of biking and electric power left them exhilarated, with screams of joy echoing across the green.

"No one can resist speedy rides."

"So fast, I'm going to convince my dad to buy one."

With the competition about to begin, the kids, still buzzing from the Urtopia ebike test rides, reluctantly prepared for the matches. But they knew the true purpose of their journey: to win the game. This season-long points race was crucial, with each match carrying significant weight. And just in these two days, the club that had often been mocked as the perennial runner-up in the Bundesliga, Bayer Leverkusen, clinched the Bundesliga title for the year, ending Bayern Munich's 11-year dominance and securing their first Bundesliga title in the club's 120-year history. Anything is possible! The kids were brimming with determination and hope!

"Golf is a compromise between what your inner self tells you, what your experience tells you, and what your nerves allow you to do."

--Bruce Crampton

This slogan from the International Junior Golf Masters website encapsulates the essence of the event. It's a journey of self-discovery, where on-the-spot performance is crucial. The kids took a deep breath, ready to shine on the golf course. And because they had just experienced the prize for the season champion – Urtopia carbon ebike, they were even more excited. This prize would surely be a morale booster for the kids!

Witnessing a child's growth is the most fulfilling thing for parents, which is why most of them were present. Honestly, parents are our real target users, haha.

For many parents, the event was an eye-opener, and this pleasant surprise stemmed largely from the Urtopia test ride experience. Besides accompanying their kids, they had the opportunity to experience the integration of new technology with ebikes. For many parents, this was a completely new experience. Although many of them were already familiar with ebikes, they were still deeply attracted by the distinctive design and smart functions of Urtopia ebikes. And the synergy between these two sports was evident, especially as riders glided across the green expanse, basking in the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze.

"Riding ebikes to play golf with your kids is effortless and enjoyable. Soaking up the sun, getting a little exercise – and this GPS anti-theft feature is an absolute game-changer! No worries about theft while playing golf! What a perfect fit!"

Parents lean towards practicality, and the smart functions of Urtopia were undoubtedly the biggest draw for them. GPS tracking and electric power offered safety and convenience. But what surprised them most was the Bluetooth music and voice control feature, adding fun to the ride. We also demonstrated the effectiveness of voice control through ChatGPT Integration Demo, and the feedback we received was, "This is cutting-edge technology, I love it!" Clearly, parents thoroughly enjoyed the test ride experience.

As the last player swung the final stroke to mark the end of the tournament, we were delighted with the smooth collaboration, and both the kids participating in the tournament and their parents loved our products. The organizers were also pleased with this enriching addition to the event. Indeed, sports know no boundaries, and the harmonious integration of sports, leisure, and technology was evident. Golf and ebikes have more in common than meets the eye. Let's look forward to the next golf and Urtopia event!