Easter Special | Breathe new life into Urtopia E-Bike

If you're wondering who Urtopia E-Bike appeals to most, it's undoubtedly designers. Great design naturally attracts great minds. And when it comes to design, the possibilities are endless. Enter spring, the season of rebirth, and Easter, symbolizing new beginnings. It's the perfect time for Urtopia E-Bike to undergo its own transformation — a special Easter edition crafted in collaboration with the visionary fashion designer, Sijun.

"I want to breathe new life into Urtopia E-Bike."
Jennifer Jolly and Urtopia CEO

When we pitched the idea of a custom Urtopia E-Bike for Easter to Sijun, her enthusiasm was immediate. She saw it as a chance to infuse Urtopia E-Bike with her unique artistic flair. Our connection with Sijun goes way back. Two years ago, she hopped on our bike for the first time and was captivated by its Möbius strip-inspired design. She remarked:

"Designs are always restricted by various needs, common sense, and the market. But these limitations are not airtight. There are cracks, and beyond them lies endless possibilities. When I saw the design of Urtopia E-Bike, I believed Urtopia had seen the scenery beyond the cracks."

Since then, she's been eager to collaborate with us on a deeper level. And now, the opportunity has arrived. But before we dive into the project, let's meet SIJUN, the creative force behind it all. A graduate of New York's esteemed Parsons School of Fashion Design, SIJUN brings a fresh perspective to the fashion world. Her work seamlessly blends painting with fashion, weaving together 3D and 2D elements to create something truly unique.
Her accolades speak volumes:

  • Winner of the Knit Design category by the American Apparel Association
  • Recognized as one of Parsons' top 10 designers in the United States
  • Featured in the prestigious PARSONS 68THTOP10 Charity Auction
  • Showcased her masterpiece "White Memory" at SAKS FIFTH AVE in New York
  • Unveiled her personal brand BC.J at New York Fashion Week in 2018"

Rooted in the art industry for so long, she's also a sporty girl who loves cycling. Choosing Urtopia Urtopia E-Bike as her regular riding companion wasn't just about its looks; the smart experience it brings changed her perception of bikes. Especially the voice control, she like its mechanical 'clumsy' responses by smartbar. And the built-in navigation? That's a game-changer, sparing her phone's battery from navigation woes: "My phone's a lifeline, for photos, staying connected. I can't risk it dying when I'm out and about."

She loves Urtopia E-Bike, she wants to put real inspiration into this work, and here is her idea: spring awakens new life, Easter Day brings rebirth. She decided to create a special Easter edition of Urtopia E-Bike with the theme "New Life."

New Life: Embracing Innocence, Chasing Freedom

To her, "New Life" symbolizes the innocence of a newborn, untouched by expertise but full of wonder. Picture her, without painting skills, letting creativity flow like a child, experimenting with colors without limits. For her, Urtopia E-Bike's design is like a giant canvas, and painting it feels like a child discovering beauty — a feeling she treasures.

"Creating brings joy, but creating without boundaries? That's pure bliss." Standing Out Among Thousands at CES to Win CES 2024 Reviewed Award

But her colorful doodles aren't random; the Urtopia E-Bike's unique design deserves vibrant hues. So, she chooses bold colors to complement its sleek design. The result instantly captivates, for children care little about personal taste—happiness is all that matters. Thus, she opts for purple and orange, crafting them with childlike spontaneity.

Symbolizing Growth and Liberation

In her vision, completing the base color marks the child's growth—much like learning to ride a bike, progressing from zero to one. So, "growing up" means she learns how to draw. She adds intricate designs like rabbits and Easter eggs, enhancing Urtopia E-Bike's Easter vibe. The bounding rabbits symbolize freedom, the kind children yearn for, felt while riding amidst nature. And since it's Easter, why not add some Easter eggs? Look closely, and you'll spot azaleas, her favorite flower, symbolizing growth in spring.

"This piece wouldn't feel out of place in an acrylic painting exhibition.” Standing Out Among Thousands at CES to Win CES 2024 Reviewed Award

This is what SIJUN wants to show, a visual fairytale that appeals to both children and adults alike. She hopes Urtopia E-Bike exudes the pure joy of childhood, for happiness lies in the simplest things.

Hope you're digging SIJUN's "New Life" creation, actually we're absolutely hooked! As Easter Day rolls on, let's spark that passion for creativity and cycling once again. Got any cool Urtopia ebike creations? Don't hold back—share 'em! And here's to a super Happy Easter Day!

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