Carbon 1/1s vs Carbon 1 Pro

The Urtopia Ebike Carbon 1/1s has been a dream e-bike for many in the years 2021-2023, capturing attention and admiration worldwide. As a product born into the limelight, its potential for growth was vast. However, user feedback highlighted areas for improvement, leading us to embark on a year-long optimization journey with the designer, Mathis Heller. The result is the revolutionary Carbon 1 Pro, a comprehensive upgrade from its predecessor.

Carbon 1/1s vs Carbon 1 Pro

Former BMW designer Mathis Heller's revolutionary work:

"Carbon 1 is a source of pride for me, but there are still many areas for improvement. I can make it better."

The Carbon series is a creation of Mathis Heller, a former BMW designer. The Carbon 1 Pro, developed over the past two years, is Mr. Heller's culmination of user feedback and product optimization. It represents a comprehensive upgrade to the Carbon 1, optimizing the structure, and enhancing rideability. Crafted for city zipping, it is designed to keep you in great shape.

Carbon 1/1s vs Carbon 1 Pro

Enhanced Carbon Fiber and Progressive Frame Geometry:

The Carbon 1 Pro features Toray™ Carbon Fiber, known for top-tier quality in racing, providing better stability, resilience, and quality assurance. The progressive frame geometry ensures even force distribution, increased stability, improved aerodynamics, and superior damping performance. Tested to show a 15% stability improvement and 20% increased aerodynamic efficiency, the frame design showcases sharper angles, emphasizing the beauty of carbon fiber ebike.

The large area paint design was abandoned in favor of using the iconic logo wording as an accent. Heller believes in the principle of "less is more" in design. This approach allows users to better appreciate the inherent shape of the frame, returning to the essence of frame design – embracing its natural form.

Behind the Scenes of Production | Exemplifying Ultimate Craftsmanship

Increased Power and Range:

With a range of up to 80 miles, the Carbon 1 Pro boasts a significant improvement from the Carbon 1/1s. This is attributed to the Shimano eight-speed and upgraded adaptive motor, offering 26% more torque. The acceleration is more powerful, providing a speed sensation akin to a supercar. The smoother gear shifting enhances the overall riding experience, making long journeys worry-free.

Carbon 1/1s vs Carbon 1 Pro

Enhanced Riding Experience and Playability:

"Different strokes for different folks! If Carbon 1 can raise the bars, I'd recommend it to everyone!"

"Assembling Carbon 1 accessories can be tricky. Imagine if the bike could handle more cool add-ons? Making Carbon 1 a Gravel ebike would be GREAT!"

Users want more flexibility in Carbon 1's riding posture and accessory assembly. Creative Urtopians use 3D printing for personalized modifications. However, in terms of the Carbon 1 series, expandability or playability is somewhat limited. Don't worry; Carbon 1 Pro is born to be playful!

Upgraded Handlebar:

Gone are the days of a fixed-height handlebar! The Carbon 1 Pro introduces an adjustable handlebar, allowing you to insert stem shims in the middle. This means a broader range for tweaking your riding posture to match your preferences. But that's not all – the rear seat has been swapped for an original seat post, giving you the freedom for DIY projects, like attaching various tail light accessories or Replacement of Shock Seatpost available in the market. Unlike its predecessor, the Carbon 1/1s, which said no to front fork DIY modifications, the Carbon 1 Pro shouts "yes!" It's incredibly versatile, supporting racks, wider tires, and even front suspension fork. Feeling old-school and anti-smart? You can ditch the smart box, keeping the bike's robustness intact. Transform your Carbon 1 Pro into a trekking, city, or road e-bike – we like to call it the gravel e-bike!

Carbon 1 Pro Upgraded Handlebar

Upgraded Installation of Accessories:

The Carbon 1/1s neglected accessory installation in its design, making it a puzzle for less handy users. Plus, it didn't quite match the bike's overall aesthetics. Fear not! The Carbon 1 Pro has cracked the code. Accessory assembly is now a breeze, and we've thrown in over a dozen extra mounting points. Go wild with DIY and attach various cycling bags. It's now your go-to electric bike for long-distance adventures.

Carbon 1 Pro Upgraded Installation of Accessories:

Upgraded pedal

Meet the new metal pedals! We've kicked those plastic pedals to the curb, giving your shoe soles a stronger grip. Every inch of the Carbon 1 Pro is decked out with top-notch accessories, transforming it into a high-quality, multi-functional e-bike. This is the Carbon 1 Pro – where style meets substance!

Carbon 1 Pro Battery Placement Upgrade

Battery Placement Upgrade:

The position of the removable battery has been improved from a top-mounted location on the down tube to a bottom-mounted position. This change completely eliminates the risk of rainwater seeping into the frame from above. With the battery now at the bottom, removal becomes easier and more ergonomic, minimizing concerns about bumps or scratches on the top tube of the frame.

This upgrade ensures that on rainy days, you can confidently ride outdoors without worrying about water accumulating at the battery placement.

Terrain Versatility:

Tire Upgrade:

Get ready to unleash the Carbon 1 Pro – now a conqueror of all terrains! We've turbocharged its tires, upgrading from the original 700 x 35c to a bold 700 x 40C. The tire's grip patterns have been revamped, boosting traction and shock absorption. Say goodbye to a bumpy ride – your butt and back will thank you. Whether you're off-road adventuring (as a touring bikes), trailblazing, or cruising through the city (as commuter bike), the Carbon 1 Pro is your all-terrain companion(as a Gravel Electric Bike).

Carbon 1 Pro as a Gravel Electric Bike

Free Customized Accessories Included:

This time, we're rolling out a set of must-have accessories tailor-made for the Carbon 1 Pro, included in the package. Picture this: an exclusive kickstand and fenders that not only match the bike's sleek design but also serve up practicality in style.

Lightweight is the way:

The current weight of the Carbon 1 Pro is 17kg, significantly lighter than 95% of similar gravel e-bikes. It's 50% lighter than most e-bikes of this type. As a Lightweight Ebike Carbon 1 Pro upholds the traditional essence of the Carbon series – offering nimble handling and exceptional portability.

Carbon 1 Pro is a lightweight ebike

In conclusion, Carbon 1 Pro is a masterpiece by Mr. Heller, a former BMW designer, representing the culmination of the Carbon series. It features ample power, long battery life, high-quality components, versatile load flexibility, strong expandability, and the ability to tackle various terrains. This versatile e-bike is suitable for the majority as their first choice, offering a dynamic and multifaceted riding experience. It is currently in the pre-sale phase, and by availing yourself of this exclusive offer during the pre-sale, you can enjoy a $500 discount. Don't miss out on this Gravel Electric Bike for Sale