What Are The Best E Bikes For Women In 2024

E-bikes have risen in popularity over the years. This is in part due to them being inexpensive and reliable. As well as being eco friendly alternatives to conventional means of transport.

However, it’s crucial for anyone interested in riding an e bike to choose the right one. This is even more true for women for whom a lot of mainstream e bikes might not be the ideal fit.

We will go through a rough criteria which you can use to select an appropriate e bike for yourself. A special bonus for our readers will be a professionally vetted selection of the top three e-bikes for women in 2024.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an E-Bike for Women

Geometry and Frame Design

Apart from shaping and affecting the design, these have a tremendous impact on the usability of an e-bike too.

Step-through frames can help with easy mounting and dismounting, which can be especially useful for women of smaller figures. Easy mountability means lesser chances of falling when riding or getting off the bike.

It also means you can quickly hop on the bike and go wherever you want to instead of spending minutes just getting seated on the bike. Some e bikes also have better geometry which is optimized for comfortable riding positions.

Performance and Motor Power

If you’re riding in tougher terrains or using your e-bike for high performance feats, focus on this.

A stronger motor power and better performance can make riding in hilly terrains a piece of cake, whereas a weaker bike will struggle. If you’re planning on off-roading often or riding in difficult weather, a stronger motor will be a great help with these too.

A better quality motor usually leads to smoother riding and more responsive motor assistance, leading to an effortless ride. It’s one of those quality-of-life things which can make or break your riding experience. So don’t cheap out on this.

Battery Range and Charging Time

Research this component based on your needs and the way you intend to use your e-bike. If the primary purpose is to use for errands for a few minutes each way, then you won’t need a large battery.

However, if you intend to bike for longer distances then a long-lasting battery can help you make extended rides. You might also want a battery with a quick charging time so you can get the juice filled as soon as possible and get going.

The Best Three E-Bikes for Women

1. Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro

Urtopia was founded by a group of cycling fans and engineers who graduated from Ivy League universities. With a vision to bring technology that brings good to both the lives of people as well to our planet.

With this futuristic vision, their bikes are no less than legendary.

Carbon 1 Pro is their topSome characteristics that make Utopia Carbon 1 Pro especially appealing for women are:

1) Lightweight:  Weighing just 37 pounds, it's one of the lightest e-bikes available, making it easy to lift and maneuver. This can make a world of a difference for women who are shorter.

2) Multiple frame sizes:  Compared to a lot of e-bikes in the market who have a standard size, Carbon 1 Pro offers three frame sizes which makes it easier for you to find what would fit you better.

3) Comfort:  Urtopia focused on a lightweight construction and comfortable riding experience while designing this bike. This makes the Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro the perfect e-bike for women who want long rides or just cruise around town.

2. RadPower Rad City

While this model might not be as good as the Urtopia model, it offers a good compromise between performance and price. It is a cheaper version that helps you enter into the e-bike market and wander around the town seamlessly.

It can not survive commuting in tougher terrains, but the 750W motor can certainly serve its use in most environments.

3. Urtopia Chord X

The second e-bike on the list which is designed by Urtopia, but it has rightly gained its spot. There are several features that make it a perfect e-bike for women.

However two of the most prominent ones are:

1) Step-through frame:  We talk more about what a step through frame is and the benefits it brings in another blog post (link to What is a Step-Through Bike_ The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need). But shortly, it makes it much easier to easily mount and dismount, especially for riders who are smaller and prefer a low standover height.

2) Adjustable handlebar:  Chord comes with an ergonomic handlebar that has been designed for optimal comfort. The handlebar offers a good upright position that makes it a perfect ride for women.


Finally, there are some key elements of an e-bike such as its geometry and performance that you must consider when buying an e-bike as a woman. However, this only proves that e-bikes are accessible to women as much as to everyone else.

The extra research and choosing an e-bike from the above list will pay dividends when you embrace the e-bike revolution. Good luck biking!