From Dreamer to Achiever

An Ambassador Story: Arsalan Minhas

If I had to describe Arsalan, a Pakistani born and raised entrepreneur, in three words, it would be that he is adventurous, curious and articulate. First, Arsalan is adventurous because he loves to travel the world, experience new cultures and learn about all walks of life. Second, he is curious because he loves to read and learn about anything that interests him. Finally, he is articulate because he is a talented speaker. During our interview, I was amazed at how well he expressed his feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. So it made sense when he told me that he regularly gives keynote speeches for his day job at Hyland Software. I was grateful to experience this firsthand at the Hyland Summit in Düsseldorf, where Arsalan spoke about digital transformation and how AI is having its iPhone moment thanks to tools like Chat GPT. I must say that I enjoyed his keynote presentation with the important facts mentioned about the usefulness of AI and his amusing comedy sketch that eloquently conveyed the message.

Urtopia e-bike let you keep fit

This incredible entrepreneur is deeply passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of underprivileged people and children. This is what truly brings him joy and gives him a clear purpose for getting up in the morning. In addition to his 9 to 5 job as a sales engineer at Hyland Software, where he gets to travel the world thanks to their annual summits where he routinely delivers keynote speeches, Arsalan also has his own startup. His startup, Digital Munich GmbH, focuses on tech trends such as AI, augmented reality and IoT. These so-called tech trends serve what the startup truly believes in and wants to do at its core, which is to positively impact the lives of poor people and underprivileged children in third world countries. The main reason for the creation of the startup is the will to give back to people in need and change their lives for the better. It is not about making money. For example, the company achieves this objective by promoting tourism in a third world country like Pakistan by developing augmented reality and virtual reality applications in which the user wears glasses. This allows the user to have an immersive 3D experience of Pakistan's great mountains and other fantastic tourist attractions. Another way the company helps the community is by supporting schools that educate underprivileged children. With proper time management, which Arsalan has mastered, he is able to not only grow in his day-to-day job as a sales engineer, but also make a positive difference in the world through his startup, which is very close to his heart.

It was love at first sight with Urtopia

Arsalan, who usually ignores online ads takes time to fully commit before buying a significant purchase, but when it came to the Urtopia e-bike, for the first time in his life it was a different story. He utterly fell in love with the Carbon 1 after clicking on a Facebook ad. It was love at first sight at its finest. The unique style and look of the e-bike compelled him to purchase not only one, but two Carbon 1 e-bikes directly! He bought one e-bike for his family and one for himself. Nowadays, he uses his Carbon 1 to recharge his batteries by going on exciting and beautiful rides in nature for his own relaxation and pleasure.

Becoming an Urtopia brand ambassador

Arsalan became an Urtopia brand ambassador to infect other bike aficionados about the transformative experience of riding the Carbon 1 e-bike. As an avid cyclist himself, Arsalan recognized the exceptional quality and unique design of Urtopia's e-bikes, and he couldn't help but share his enthusiasm with others.

Through his ambassadorship, Arsalan aims to inspire others to embrace a more sustainable and thrilling mode of transportation while exploring the beauty of nature. He believes that the Carbon 1 e-bike not only offers a thrilling riding experience but also contributes to preserving the environment by reducing carbon emissions. By infecting other bike enthusiasts with his love for Urtopia, Arsalan hopes to create a community of like-minded individuals who share his vision for a greener and more adventurous future.

As an Urtopia brand ambassador, Arsalan actively engages with his audience, sharing his personal stories and experiences with the e-bike. If you have any questions or concerns about this remarkable e-bike, rest assured that Arsalan will patiently address them with his firsthand knowledge and expertise.

Adventure sports enthusiast

Skydiving? Walking with lions? Flying? Yes, yes, and yes for Arsalan. Arsalan doesn't like it when outdoor activities get boring or normal. He prefers getting out of his comfort zone and expanding his horizons. What better way to do that then skydive, walk with lions, and fly airplanes? By constantly seeking out these thrilling experiences, Arsalan challenges himself to grow as an individual. He believes that true personal growth lies outside of one's comfort zone. Stepping into unfamiliar territory allows him to confront his weaknesses head-on and develop resilience in the face of adversity. Arsalan knows that life is too short to be lived in monotony. By embracing the extraordinary and seeking out thrilling adventures, he continues to push his own boundaries, defy his fears, and ultimately become the best version of himself. And with every new experience, he welcomes the opportunity to learn, evolve, and discover just how far he can go.

From dreamer to achiever

After completing his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering in Pakistan, he moved to Germany with the intention of staying for only a few years. However, Germany ended up becoming his permanent home. Despite coming from humble beginnings, he has managed to lead a fulfilling life. Rather than letting his background hold him back, it has motivated him to grow and succeed.

As someone who started as a dreamer and has become an achiever, I was curious to learn about three pieces of advice that have helped him in his personal life, as well as what advice he would offer others. Arsalan shared, "First, it's important to have a big dream, but it's even more crucial to have an actionable plan with specific goals. Second, wholeheartedly committing yourself to that plan is what will truly turn your dreams into reality. Lastly, Arsalan stresses the importance of investing in oneself. Whether it's through education, health, or fitness, investing in yourself is paramount. After all, if you don't invest in yourself, who will?"

It's important to have a big dream, but it's even more crucial to have an actionable plan with specific goals.

-Arsanal Minhas

To conclude, Arsalan Minhas stands as an exemplary ambassador who embodies the spirit of adventure, intellectual curiosity, and the determination to make a positive impact on the world. His entrepreneurial ventures, dedication to personal growth, and commitment to helping others serve as an inspiration for individuals aspiring to make a difference in their own lives and in society at large.