A smart friend on the road.

The Tech Behind 

Urtopia’s Smartbar

Voice Control

No more fiddling around, letting go of the handlebar to tap your phone. Simply speak and Urtopia will listen.

Customized Voice Command

Set your preferred voice and bell for notifications. Enjoy the ride with your favorite sounds. 

Update Over the Air

OTA updates enable your bike to update the latest features and safety measures on time. 

Find Your Bike

Easily locate your bike through the app. With integrated GPS, Urtopia can always inform you of the exact position of your bike.

The Urtopia App

Connect to your bike like never before through the Urtopia app.
We give you full control of your bike right at your fingertips.

Record your biking data

You can easily keep track of your total biking distance, average biking speed, time duration, and battery usage. Urtopia app’s data recording helps you understand your biking habits better, which improves the efficiency of your daily work. 

Follow Your Riding 

With the Urtopia app, you can easily keep track of the position of your bike. Having trouble finding your bike? Open Urtopia APP then you'll know.

Protect Your E-Bike

Urtopia always puts our cyclist safety as the priority. Alarms, tracking, and a biometric unlock, all allowing cyclists to enjoy carefree riding.