Urtopia Carbon Fiber E-bike

The Pioneer of E-bike Innovation 

Launch On Indiegogo.

EST: Nov. 6, 7:00 AM
CEST: Nov. 6, 1:00 PM

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Urtopia Deets

Advanced Smartbar Tech

Keep up with your status change and GPS directions with the Smartbar who recognize your voice and understand what you say. This is the future of smart, safe, and efficient riding.

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Lightweight & Stiff Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is the ultimate material for lightweight and long-lasting e-bikes. The frame, fork, seat-post, and handlebar are all built for durability with carbon fiber. The bike weighs 13kg minimum, making it an ultra-light beast on the street. 

  • Carbon Fiber
  • 13 kg (Minimum)

Powerfully Compacted Motor

Different from other e-bike clutches which increase the mechanical damping when being powered off, Urtopia’s built-in clutch enables you to ride our e-bike exactly like how you ride a traditional bike without adding extra effort.

  • 250W Brushless Rear-Hub Motor
  • Riding More Easily

Responsive Torque Sensor System

Unlike traditional e-bike with pressure gauges, Urtopia carbon e-bike uses magnets to create a torque sensor system that preserves battery life and improves sensitivity, accuracy, and durability.

  • Up To 130 km
  • Preserve Battery Consumption

Overhauled Transmission

A Gates Carbon Belt Transmission makes your biking oil-free. You’re left with a smooth, clean ride for at least 30,000 km before a tune-up.

  • Durable Carbon Belt
  • No Oils, No Mess

Reliable Hydraulic Brake System

Urtopia carbon e-bike comes with a front and rear hydraulic brake system, which is more stable and reliable than mechanical brakes, offering you a much safer riding experience.

  • Front and Rear
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Charge Wherever You Want

With a removable battery, Urtopia can be charged anywhere you want.

satisfactory Warranty

The frame, fork, seat post and handlebar made of carbon fiber are covered by a 10-year warranty. Other components other than wear parts (eg. Brake Pads, Spokes, Tires) and IOT parts etc.


Urtopia's E-bike Is Pre-assembled

Unbox and with 2 minutes’ assembling, you’re good to go! 

Customized Lights

Lights at the front and rear allow you to have always-on visibility.

5 Riding Modes Available

To conform to the laws of different countries, 2 versions of speed modes (European version in 25 km/h, US version in 32 km/h) are available for choice. You can easily switch between the three riding assistance modes (Pedal Mode, Eco Mode, Comfort Mode, and Sport Mode) with one click or voice control. For those who are fans of throttle mode, Urtopia has a similar mode called Turbo Mode that allows you to ride comfortably with little to zero pedaling! 

Möbius strip inspired Design

Mr. Heller is an award-winning product designer who has won many design awards, including the red dot award best of best, the IF Gold design award, etc. During his 25 years of working, Heller has worked for numerous global and local brands, such as BMW, MAN, Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, and Unilever, and many more, some of his most famous works include the BMW I series, Siemens ICE 3 high-speed train.

The Möbius strip is a symbol of infinity and endless connection. Urtopia’s core designing concept is based on the Möbius strip —— infinite and full of possibilities. Urtopia places Möbius strip’s law at its core with a dedication to recycling energy, reducing waste, as well as creating a greener future with infinite possibilities of exploration for all. 

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Mid Night Paris


Purchasing Info

Urtopia will launch a campaign on crowdfunding platform which entails a relatively different way of purchasing.

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Prioritizing Safety

Built-in Millimeter Wave Radar

The integrated haptic feedback system in the Smartbar can alert you to the vehicles from behind by vibrating, ensuring your safety so you can ride carefreely.

Gyroscope Integrated

Urtopia is equipped with a gyroscope that monitors the bike’s position when left unattended. You’ll know immediately if it falls or moves via the app.

Anti-theft Tracking System

While locked, our e-bike turns on an on-board alarm to guard against theft, the GPS tracking system enables you to keep a good track of your bike.

Distinctive features

Urtopia’s milestone infographic

Come and take a look at how our company started and where we are at now!