This is Urtopia

The pioneer of e-bike innovation.

Our team

Urtopia aims to advocate a sporty and healthy urban lifestyle powered by smart technologies.We are a young and vibrant team headed by science and engineering PhDs graduated from Ivy League and MIT. Bound by a common love for sports and biking in particular, we want to build an e-bike that's technologically advanced while affordable enough.

Our passion and background have attracted many talents to join the force, including our chief designer Mathis Heller, who has won many product-design awards. His most famous works include the BMW I series and Siemens ICE 3 high-speed train.

With headquarters in Hong Kong and factory in mainland China, we take advantage of China's powerful supply chain and efficient logistic network.On the other hand, we have set up local warehouses and support centers across North America and Europe. Instead of having your Urtopia shipped from overseas, you pay no more taxes while customer service is within reach.

Creating a smart-riding community

Over the past few months, the Urtopia community has kept growing daily, with over 5000 members worldwide so far. Each of them shares our passion for e-bikes, innovation and sports.

Let's take a look at what they have contributed to make Urtopia e-bike a colorful addition to their daily life.

Our Mission

We aspire to build up a new urban utopia (Urtopia) where urbanites can travel happier and healthier. We believe life can be greener and more efficient without sacrificing comfort. By providing a new means of traveling, Urtopia strives to empower riders to live free and ride beyond.

Urtopia’s milestone infographic

Come and take a look at how our company started and where we are at now!