Mr. Heller is an award-winning product designer who has won many design awards, including the red dot award best of best, the IF Gold design award, etc. As a top designer and innovator, he specializes in transforming trends and cutting-edge technology into innovative design solutions. His special interest lays in future mobility. During his 25 years of working, Heller has worked for numerous global and local brands, such as BMW, MAN, Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, and Unilever, and many more, some of his most famous works include the BMW I series, Siemens ICE 3 high-speed train.


  • Red Dot Design Award 2009 best of best
  • iF Product Design Award 2011 gold
  • iF Product Design Award 2017
  • iF Product Design Award 2018

About The Brand

Urtopia is born from our concepts of a New Urban Utopia. In addition to the futuristic design of eBike, we genuinely wish to improve your biking experience with our advanced biking technology and provide you with a healthier lifestyle.

Design Concept

The Möbius strip is a symbol of infinity and endless connection. Urtopia’s core designing concept is based on the Möbius strip —— infinite and full of possibilities. Urtopia places Möbius strip’s law at its core with a dedication to recycling energy, reducing waste, as well as creating a greener future with infinite possibilities of exploration for all.