The Coolest Lighting Effects You Aren’t Expected  

By Urtopia - Oct 22 2021

Lighting on an eBike has always been one of the most important safety considerations as it helps the rider avoid road hazards. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (2019), more bicycle fatalities occur between 6 PM and 9 PM than any other time--nearly forty percent. You can probably guess why. Most of the time the functions of lights can be broken into two categories: to see and to be seen. In order to see the road conditions more clearly, cyclists need a light that is bright enough to illuminate the road or trail ahead. As well as this, the light works as a reminder to drivers and pedestrians nearby. Ideally, the rear light should be red and pulsing and it need only be bright enough to be visible by other road users. Both Urtopia’s rear and front lights are integrated into the eBike frame and it has passed Germany's "Road Traffic Regulation (StVO), making your biking safe and efficient. 

Urtopia e-bike’s front light

The purpose of the front light of an eBike is to maximize the rider's vision when riding. As such, a solid white light is the best option. It's also an excellent way of making you visible to other road users while not distracting them or providing a hazard. Unlike many other eBikes whose lights are mounted on the handlebar, Urtopia eBike's lights are integrated into the handlebar itself, making it more stable and easier to control. The front light is positioned in the center and uses white LED lamp beads of 20-25 lux lightness, allowing the rider to have maximum visibility of the road ahead. As well as that, Urtopia eBike's light is designed with automatic brightness enhancement when an emergency brake occurs. What differentiates Urtopia's light from all other eBikes on the market is the rider's ability to turn it on and off using only their voice. If you are far away from your bike, you can switch its lights on and off via your smartphone.

Urtopia’s e-bike’s rear light

Despite the fact that no amount of caution or safety advice can protect you from a distracted or drunk driver, being as visible as possible on the road can help to protect you from inattentive road users. eBike lights, especially rear lights, are without a doubt one of the most effective ways of ensuring visibility. Urtopia eBike's rear lights are positioned on the center of its seat and are a bright, piercing red. The projection light can not only increase the luminous effect of the lights but also indicates the turning direction of the eBike whenever the eBike makes a turn. Apart from the same 20-25 lux brightness as the front light and a reflector that ensures the light is always visible, the rear light also gives out signals and increases in intensity when your eBike is changing direction or doing an emergency brake. Urtopia eBike also improves your riding safety by implementing the appropriate flashing effect. According to research compiled by Trek/Bontrager (Madsen, Andersen and Lahrmann 2013), using a flashing light while riding can make you up to 2.4 times more noticeable than a rider using no lights at all (and up to 1.4 times more noticeable than a rider using a steady light). Urtopia eBike's lights automatically detect changes in ambient conditions and adjust intensity and flash rate accordingly.Now that you know all there is to know about Urtopa eBike, you're ready to take your eBike out on the road.Ride with Urtopia, ride safely!

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